ICC-ES Update to NexGen2 Bolt


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Allfasteners’ NexGen2™ Blind Bolts are designed for connecting structural steel to hollow structural section (HSS) steel members, such as monopoles, and other structural steel elements where access is difficult or restricted to one side only. NexGen2™ Blind Bolts are intended for use with rectangular or square HSS members and are recognized for resisting tension and shear loads in bearing-type connections.

According to Allfasteners, “ICC ESR-3975 was revised in February 2021 to incorporate the December 2019 revision to AC437, which changed the coefficient in front of the square root term for the Resistance Factor equation in section 3.7 to -3.5 from -4.”

In short, this results in a change of the Resistance Factor from 0.55 to 0.63, and a corresponding bolt capacity increase.

For the full report, or for more information, contact Bruce Carmichael at [email protected]

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