In Memoriam: American Tower Founder and Former CEO Steve Dodge


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When Steve Dodge took the podium as he was being inducted into this industry’s Hall of Fame on November 14 in Washington D.C., he accepted his award humbly, with candor and good humor and spoke of the future. He saw a renaissance for macro towers and advised his attentive audience that they live in exciting times, urging them to stick with the fundamental principals that helped him build one of the world’s largest tower companies.

Yesterday, Steven B. Dodge, 73, Founder and Former CEO of American Tower, passed away in Bonita Springs, FL, following a bicycling accident, according to WINK News.

Founder of American Cablesystems, American Radio Systems and American Tower, Dodge retired from the business of running public companies in 2004. In 2003, he founded Windover Development, LLC followed by Windover Construction, real estate development companies that focused on high-end housing in Florida and Massachusetts.

Dodge and his wife, Anne, were known for their philanthropy and became benefactors of Montserrat College and The Cabot Theater in Beverly, MA.

He leaves behind his wife, three children and five grandchildren and, as his Hall of Fame bio adds, a loyal dog. He graduated from Yale University in 1967 before serving more than three years as an officer in the United states Navy.

January 18, 2019

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