Inside Towers Sets Up Cancellation/Postponement Tracker


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In our efforts to keep up with the fast-moving changes in our personal and work lives going on as we speak, Inside Towers has set up a page on our website where we will announce cancellations of events as we hear of them and, hopefully, their rescheduling. We will keep this particular site up to date in “real time” so you can check it as a reference at your convenience. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are involved with the postponement of an event and/or when you have decided on a new date…or if you’re taking a shot at a virtual option!

When a major funding source like a golf outing or conference goes away, it’s a kick in the gut financially to any organization and our sympathies go out to all affected by the loss. Almost as bad, the time and effort spent in planning an event are lost as well. We have all felt that in the past week on personal and professional levels with sporting events, concerts, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries…the list goes on and will continue to do so.

Tough times breed creativity and innovation and we will come out of this stronger than when we went in. To paraphrase James Joyce, let’s make this time a “portal of discovery.” Click here to view the Inside Towers Event Cancellation Resource.

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