Inside Towers Turns Eight…or is it 25?


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So in a dog’s life a year equals, more or less, seven years of a human’s. In telecom, maybe not so much. But a year in this business is definitely worth a few…let’s say three…normal industry years, as in trucking or cheese making, or the used tire business. The changes come at a fast and furious pace in wireless with no end in sight of slowing down in its metamorphosis to…what “g” are we on now? With that premise in mind, Inside Towers has turned eight years old, by trucking industry standards, but since we’ve seen about a quarter century’s worth of change in that time, let’s round it up to 25, shall we?


Read the first edition of Inside Towers here.

However it’s measured, we at Inside Towers are proud to be the only medium in the business that actually keeps up with the pace you set and has done so day in, day out, year in, year out for that accelerated time span. When we published our first issue, data centers were known as libraries, fiber stories existed but more often stayed buried (couldn’t resist), a whole slew of acronyms had yet to be tortured into existence and 85 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide couldn’t have been happier with the technology. The Big Three were all trading at under $100 per share (CCI at $73.20!).

We should be exhausted keeping up with you people since then but, instead, we are invigorated with the finest editorial staff in the business and an innovative and energetic marketing team. Thanks for reading, reacting and reaching out over the years. Bring on change, bring on growth, we’ve got ya’ covered.

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