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Inside Towers is excited to introduce a virtual panel series. Throughout the year, we’ll be hosting sponsored webinars, led by thought leaders from the various sectors of the wireless infrastructure industry.

Our first edition will discuss COVID-19’s effect on network deployment. We’ll analyze the state of the industry prior to and during the pandemic and how it will evolve as our country moves forward.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Internal and external operational changes e.g. remote work, tower crew procedures
  • 5G rollout delays
  • Zoning and permitting process shifts
  • COVID-19 implications by category e.g. fiber, DAS, small cells, macro towers
  • Digital divide awareness and action
  • Carrier capex

The entry-level sponsorship fee is $2,500:

  • We handle the panel hosting, moderation and promotion across our e-newsletter, website and social media platforms
  • You’ll receive a ‘Sponsor Spotlight’ e.g. a brief article highlighting your services and announcing your participation in our first Pro Panel
  • We will subsequently promote a recording of the webinar to increase impressions
  • We will share a lead list of all contacts that registered to view the Pro Panel

Your sponsorship and participation will be category exclusive. For more details, contact [email protected].

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