Is NOT “Blending In” the Start of a New Trend?


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What is a town planning commission that prides itself on uniqueness and innovation to do when it wants a cell tower designed not to blend in with its surroundings?  If you live in Eastmark, AZ, your town has zoning rules that specify the need to camouflage new cell towers.  For most towns, this means a monopine, or palm, or church steeple, but the Eastmark Development Team had something else in mind.

With the help of Larson Camouflage, they sought to create a tower that was aesthetically pleasing on its own, rather than a structure disguised as something else.  The criteria that Eastmark set for itself demanded a cell tower that was light and durable, did not obstruct the cell signal, was easy to maintain, and was cost effective.  After a two year process of testing and revision, the team selected their cell tower. believes their tower incorporates these elements:

  • Provides a contemporary and somewhat retro-look to compliment the overall architecture of Eastmark.
  • Encompasses a simple design that can be interpreted in different ways.
  • Consists of colors that blend in with the natural earth tones of the Sonoran Desert.

January 23, 2019

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