IXUS to Host Webinar on RF Safety & Compliance


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Alphawave, a specialized technology investment group, previously known as EM Software and Systems (EMSS), has been active in the field of communication network safety services since 2005. The company offers a cloud-based, user-friendly software suite, IXUS, that enables users to model, simulate and report on the environmental impact of EMF radiation.

“Ensuring rapid deployment of 5G infrastructure, especially mmWave technologies relies on fast and accurate RF exposure assessments to accelerate the site acquisition process,” explains Danie Ludick, IXUS Technical Team Leader. Join IXUS for a free webinar to see how your organization can use IXUS to easily manage RF safety compliance in accordance with FCC OET 65, Safety Code 6 and other safety standards such as ICNIRP.

“We will share our comprehensive and cost-effective solution that simplifies the entire RF safety compliance process,” says Ludick. During this presentation, you will also learn about IXUS’ state-of-the-art exposure prediction algorithms, advanced antenna synthesis techniques, including its approach for modeling beamforming or active antennas, and how to implement and manage this across your entire network.

According to Ludick, the IXUS team has played a fundamental role in the early stages of development of 5G regulations over the past few years. “We have been working closely with industry, government bodies, associations and academia to ensure we are ready for the challenges to come.”  Register here.


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