Mad About Cladding in Colorado


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UPDATE According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, most residents welcome better digital connectivity, but the new communications tower on Taft Avenue has some neighbors up in arms. The plans called for Atlas Tower to hide cell tower equipment in the bell tower on the All Saints Episcopal Church property, but the resulting construction has not met expectations.

“How did we get here without someone saying ‘Oh my God,’” Councilor Pat McFall asked. “How did we get here with a red tower without somebody saying ‘you’re so far off of what you are supposed to do?’ Do we have no checks and balances in doing this?”

McFall is referring to both the height of the tower, and its appearance. The Colorado community approved a 40-foot tower, according to the Herald, and instead were given a 55-foot one. In addition, the cladding that was supposed to match the brickwork of the church does not. One resident has gone on record, publicly declaring the red panels as “hideous.”

“They will have to go back and retrofit,” Loveland Development Services Director, Brett Limbaugh told the Herald. “This facility is supposed to be the same color and style of brick that’s on the church. We try to do our best to go out and watch these things as they’re being constructed,” he continued. “In this case, we did catch it. But you know, it’s unfortunate that those panels were the ones that were manufactured and installed because they all have to come down.”

Three carriers currently occupy the offending tower, which is not currently rigged for 5G service. While the tower will remain in operation, according to Limbaugh, it will be “several months” before new panels are available to correct the “mistake” created by the original contractor.

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