Maine Petitioners Seek New Approach to Fight Cell Towers


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Last month, Inside Towers reported on the citizens group that rallied in York, ME and their petition to put a halt to cell tower construction. According to Seacoast Online, the group was inspired by an inconclusive study conducted earlier this year that questioned health concerns. If the petition advances, it would enact a moratorium on cell tower construction for the foreseeable future.

Legislators are proceeding with caution. The language of the petition states that the moratorium starts once that matter has been brought before a public hearing. The presentation of the petition would put an immediate hold on building plans. It would also start the clock running, with the moratorium expiring after 180 days. An extension would need to be approved to gain extra time if the initial time period runs out.

According to the source, York legislators believe that former politician and chief petitioner, Torbert MacDonald, has done his homework gathering legal advice and drafting a petition that will hold water. Behind the scenes discussions are being held to determine the best time to conduct the public hearing.

A town meeting now would get the process started, but would also set the clock ticking, reports Seacoast Online. Some of the legislators argued that waiting until spring would be more feasible, but would delay the moratorium allowing cell tower plans to continue.

While York debates, AT&T is left waiting. York’s Board of Trustees has already given its approval for the water tower antenna project but while the petition looms, all parties are on hold.

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