By Eleanor Snite

The LBA Group Inc. is made up of three distinct corporate units, all primarily oriented to the wireless industry, towers and broadcasting. Lawrence Behr Associates Inc. is a consulting group that provides services in communication system coverage, radio frequency interference and compatibility matters, electromagnetic shielding, regulatory compliance and communications facility collocation. LBA Technology designs and manufactures sophisticated high-power antenna tuning and coupling systems for a range of radio frequency bands and manufactures and markets advanced lightning protection systems. LBA University provides on line safety training courses and learning management services. Course content is designed and presented primarily for the needs of tower and construction workers. RF safety is a core competency.

President and CEO Lawrence Behr started LBA in 1963, as a broadcast technology consulting firm. “We were users of computers and data communication well before the Internet,” Behr said. “The world has changed since then, and we’ve evolved with it. Where once we were broadcast oriented, now we’re a wireless oriented technology company.” LBA is involved in some of the major issues in the industry today. For instance, its proprietary technology allows a carrier to put cell antennas on a hot AM tower without interference between the AM and the carrier facilities. LBA also places emphasis on safety training and is constantly looking for new ways to relate to the safety needs of the wireless community. LBA University is involved in aspects of safety from online radio frequency awareness training to managing needs of large companies for new hire training. Headquartered in Greenville, North Carolina, LBA Group, which is a Hispanic minority-owned company, has a field office in the Chicago area and provides its services nationwide and internationally.