The Miami Dolphins Team Up With AT&T to Enhance Mobile Experience at Sun Life Stadium


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The Miami Dolphins have come to an agreement with AT&T to deploy Wi-Fi and other mobile services at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. Network capacity tends to become congested when a large amount of people gather in the same place trying to use their cell phones to make calls, upload pictures, or check-in on Facebook. Sun Life Stadium now has more than 1,000 Wi-Fi access points throughout the venue and AT&T’s DAS is providing the service equivalent to 16 cell sites.  The two complementing network systems will make Sun Life one of the most connected stadiums in the country. 

“AT&T is a critical technology partner for the Miami Dolphins, supporting connectivity and coverage so we can offer fans a great network experience,” said Tery Howard, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Miami Dolphins. “We have a commitment from ownership to create a stimulating and interactive environment at all of the events at Sun Life Stadium including football, soccer, and concerts. These technological upgrades will definitely increase the fan experience in a way that will be easily recognizable to everyone who enters our stadium.”

DAS technology works to improve the capacity of the network along with the reliability of service within a building or a stadium without having to construct a new cell site.

“We are bringing fast and reliable mobile services to venues across the country to help support growing demand among sports fans and event-goers for a connected mobile experience,” said Carlos Blanco-Sposito, VP & General Manager- South Florida, AT&T. “The Miami Dolphins demonstrate the importance of ensuring their fans have a truly exciting mobile experience at Sun Life Stadium by turning to us for these services.”

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