An Economical Approach to Neutral Host Network Deployments


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With demand for more capacity and connectivity necessitating wireless network densification, indoor and outdoor buildouts can be capital intensive, according to Microlab, a Wireless Telecom Group company. This is apparent at venues like mass transit stations, stadiums, campuses, dense metropolitan areas, shopping malls and convention centers where provisioning service for more than one mobile network operator is essential.

New licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum being made available emphasizes the site infrastructure ROI challenge for enterprises, venue owners and third party owners of multi-operator networks.

Microlab Product Manager Rohan Shah provided an overview of neutral host networks and related ownership models, benefits, challenges and economic considerations.

Shah outlined the five key stakeholders in the neutral host network process: the real estate owner, the third-party network host, the mobile network operators, the site tenants and the network designer/installer.

He explained the benefits of neutral host networks, beginning with tenant and visitor experience. “By deploying a neutral host network, you provide seamless coverage for tenants and visitors irrespective of the mobile network operator…you can guarantee that their device is connected to the network,” said Shah.

The fiscal aspect is also noteworthy. Shared infrastructure is cost efficient and the owners add new revenue streams by offering the shared RAN to MNOs.

However, neutral host networks are not without challenges. “Owners must meet capacity requirements, not just of today but also of tomorrow,” Shah said. Passive intermodulation in the network can pose capacity issues and maintaining network neutrality between multiple operators for coverage can be difficult.

The presentation explored the cost effective considerations for neutral host network owners and detailed how Microlab’s MCC platform delivers on multiple levels – from better RF performance to minimizing the scope of rip and replace.

If you missed the webinar, you can still view it here.

Microlab has been designing and manufacturing RF and microwave distribution components and systems known worldwide for their superior performance since 1949. Microlab products, assembled in the USA, are considered the “gold standard” in the industry and, after 70 years plus, it is still innovating to influence the future of telecommunications. As a part of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc., Microlab is one of several business segments that support the wireless industry and specifically public safety initiatives.

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