Mobile Reach Apps Keep Tower Techs Informed and Safe


Imagine a strong storm system rolling in to an area where technicians are doing work up on a cell tower. A company called Mobile Reach provides an app that runs on the techs’ phones, which they’re using to inspect the tower and can alert them they need to move to safety. Along with being kept safe, technicians at Gogo are managing work orders to track work time, travel time, log notes, and order parts required for various repairs and inspections. Mobile Reach marketing VP Dan Dillon said the apps can also document work order tasks and update incidents in real-time.

“Mobile Reach provides a mobile platform for configuring and delivering process-driven mobile apps that enable field technicians to do their work more efficiently and safely,” Dillon told Inside Towers.  “Field service organizations that work with us maximize the time their technicians spend working in the field. Their field techs have all the information they need to do their work at their fingertips. The mobile apps that the field tech uses, map to the exact processes that the FSO has defined and that have been proven over time to work best to deliver the best service to their customers,” he said.

June 11, 2018

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