Modus Moves Up to Mid-Market Leader with Sitetracker


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Modus, a turnkey telecom services company, is “pioneering 5G mobile networks,” through strategic collaboration with mobile network operators and municipalities alike. Modus oversees several stages of network deployment, from pragmatic RF engineering and design, through critical maintenance.

Modus began evolving from a smaller-scale shop into a mid-market leader, quickly and organically. Its services were in high-demand and contracts were rolling in. But more work required more streamlined workflows.

It’s challenging to “scale a business without a scalable solution,” according to Sitetracker. So, how did Modus manage its ever-increasing client list while growing its project portfolio by 140%, and its headcount by 125%? How did it increase project manager capacity 3-fold and complete projects 28% faster?

In 2018, Modus quickly realized that with an increased project volume, Excel and Google spreadsheets were not sustainable options for data management. Disjointed recording processes threatened consistent reporting, timelines and overall progress visibility. Modus began seeking alternatives. At first, a hired consultant tried implementing a custom-built database. Ultimately, it wasn’t tailored to telecom and didn’t make the mark for Modus.

“We wanted to have the capability to scale rapidly while maintaining both holistic and granular visibility to monitor progress, and we wanted it out of the box,” recounts Chris Maguire, Modus’ CEO. He continues, “You just can’t get that from anyone that isn’t already an industry expert, developing purpose-built solutions.”

Step in, Sitetracker. Modus previously worked in the platform as a contractor to a major carrier and decided to further investigate its full offerings. “Previously, one of the more significant challenges to scaling had to do with the manual and redundant data entry between ours and our customers’ systems,” says Macguire.

Sitetracker optimizes how its stakeholders plan, deploy, maintain, and grow their capital asset portfolios. The company manages millions of sites and projects, representing $25 billion of portfolio holdings globally.

Modus has been proactive in embracing Sitetracker’s tools, including projects and sites, reports and dashboards, trackers, intelligent project templates, maps, the Purchase Order Module, and even Sitetracker AI. The latter leverages Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics AI engine and allows users to “input data, create data sets and develop both descriptive and predictive analyses,” explains Conrad Yu, Sitetracker Product Marketing Manager. He continues, “this grants Sitetracker AI users answers to complex business questions instantaneously.” With the power of AI-driven analytics, Modus can now discover the opportunities for gains hidden in its data to prevent bottlenecks, and repeat successes, according to Yu.

Modus now manages its entire portfolio of small cell, fiber, DAS, and other projects in Sitetracker, accounting for 7,500+ active sites and ~6,000 active projects, with an adoption rate of over 90% and each employee making an average of 425 updates every week. “The Sitetracker Solution Delivery team was attentive to our needs and worked quickly to understand and build out our specific needs,” says Rowena Okialda, Modus’ Director of Development. “Not only that — they were accountable to deadlines and realistic in setting expectations.”

In the next five years, Modus aims to expand its geographic footprint and diversify its services, simultaneously.  “We now have a solution that provides high-level visibility, allows us to communicate between different functional groups, evaluates data for making crucial business decisions, plans for resource allocation, and improves processes and cycle times,” concludes Maguire. “All of this translates to better, faster execution on projects for our customers and operational efficiencies that lead to cost savings for Modus.”

View the full Case Study here.

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