More Than 92% LA, 99% TX Laura Impacted Cell Sites Working


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The remnants of Hurricane Laura continued to weaken Saturday as the storm moved toward the mid-Atlantic states and exited into the Atlantic Ocean. In Louisiana and Texas, the destruction was still impacting the region Sunday.

After experiencing over a million power outages beginning Thursday, the numbers were down to about 342,000 Sunday in Louisiana, and 74,000 in Texas, according to PowerOutageUS.

Of all the states impacted by the storm, Louisiana and Texas still had the most cell site outages as of Sunday mid-day, according to the FCC’s Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS). Of the 4,650 cell sites served in Louisiana, 362 were out yesterday, compared to 380 on Thursday. 185 of the site outages were due to a transport issue, 122 had no power and 18 were damaged.

Calcasieu and Cameron counties were hit especially hard. 121 sites (65 percent) were not working in Calcasieu County. That compares to 140 sites (75 percent) on Thursday.

25 sites (86 percent) in Cameron County were non-operational yesterday; that compares to 20 (69 percent) that were out in Cameron County on Thursday.

Of the 17, 625 cell sites served in Texas, 78 were not working yesterday, compared to 113 on Thursday. Jefferson County, the hardest hit, improved to 12 sites not working yesterday, compared to 39 Thursday. 9 had no power, one site had transportation issues and another was damaged, according to DIRS.

Cable and wireline companies reported 262,063 subscribers out of service in the affected areas; this may include the loss of telephone, television, and/or internet services. That figure compares with 192,915 subscribers impacted as of Thursday.

More FMs were off the air. Two television stations, 23 FMs and no AMs reported being off-air yesterday. That compares with five FMs off-air Thursday, according to the report.

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