Mosaik: An Industry Partner For Nearly 30 Years


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With over twenty-nine years of experience, Mosaik continues to be a strategic partner for tower companies, mobile operators and network-dependent solution providers by helping them make better decisions faster. How do they do it? By simply listening to and learning from those around them, they have created the largest mobile network coverage database in the world and developed a range of intelligence solutions that enables clients to deliver a superior network experience to their customers.

Tower companies and operators in particular, lean on Mosaik’s years of expertise to help them with network planning, competitive benchmarking, mobile app development, network intelligence, and site evaluation and acquisition.

“We’re in the business of providing accurate, timely and unbiased data to our clients, and pride ourselves on our ability to track, verify and report on a broad range of key aspects within our increasingly connected world,” said Mosaik president and CEO, Bryan Darr. “Mosaik delivers multi-layered intelligence and services to help operators and tower companies deliver more positive network experiences to their customers.”

As the demands on the wireless infrastructure industry constantly evolve, Mosaik has worked to build and update TowerSource, the industry’s largest independent and most robust wireless infrastructure database. TowerSource leverages Mosaik’s comprehensive telecom intelligence and visualization capabilities to provide the industry with detailed information for distributed antenna system (DAS), small cells and macro sites selection.

“With emerging technologies and associated network densification, TowerSource provides greater visibility into the many unknowns associated with site selection and management,” said Darr. “As we continue to update and enhance TowerSource, we remain focused on providing our customers with network quality of experience solutions that will set them up for success in the long run.”

Mosaik is committed to anticipating the network challenges of tomorrow so clients are prepared today. In addition to its consumer crowdsourcing Sensorly applications, Mosaik offers robust, configurable data collection capabilities, custom and standard KPIs, and multiple cloud-based reporting and visualization options to provide better visibility into customer behavior and network experiences. To learn more about Mosaik, visit

August 11, 2017

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