Martin Environmental Solutions Inc. opened in the environmental services industry in 1996 in Jacksonville, FL, and by 2009 they were focused primarily on towers. They have worked on tower environmental issues in all 50 states, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada. Owner and president Tom Martin has more than 31 years of diversified experience in the fields of environmental consulting, hazardous waste management and health and safety management. He has conducted and managed numerous Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and National Environmental Policy Act reviews.

Inside Towers Page 5 “Clients appreciate my telecom background because they know that I am familiar with the whole process,” Martin said. Some of Martin Environmental’s work involves State Historic Preservation Offices and Native American tribal issues. Martin has found that often historic preservation offices and tribes are understaffed when it comes to environmental issues, and he enjoys being able to help them learn about those issues. That has resulted in the development of good relationships with the state agencies and the tribes. Like most businesses, Martin Environmental faced “the pain of the late 2000s,” as Martin puts it. But today one of the challenges the company has is finding time enough for all the business.

“Now they want everything a lot faster.” Martin said. “You get a call, and they have multiple projects they need completed in two and a half weeks.” The increase in orders has led to a recent expansion of Martin Environmental’s workforce by 25 percent. In July alone, they hired five more people. The future is looking bright for Martin Environmental Solutions. Martin said they will continue to service current clients and are focusing on a more local and statewide presence. “It hasn’t always been easy,” Martin said. “It’s challenging and stressful and it’s fun.”