Nashville Bomber Suspect May Have Had 5G Paranoia


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A small cell shroud located near the blast that survived. The “Qube” pole was installed by QUBE-MRS LLC. The company said another pole remained operational as well. A third pole that was situated next to the camper van was destroyed. Photo source: Nashville Fire Department

The suspected bomber in the Christmas Day Nashville explosion may have been motivated by paranoia over 5G technology, according to an ABC news source. Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, may have had an additional range of paranoid thoughts such as the existence of life in outer space, WKRN-TV reported. The FBI is trying to determine if Warner detonating the bomb near AT&T headquarters in Nashville is tied to his beliefs about 5G.

The explosion killed Warner and injured three others and caused damage to over 40 buildings, according to Metro police. The blast occurred at 6:30 a.m. Friday morning near Second Avenue North and Commerce Street.

Although AT&T cell service had been down since the explosion, the carrier announced the majority of services have been restored in Nashville as of Monday afternoon. The company said they have deployed 11 portable cell sites currently running in the region to support customers and first responders. Another 23 cell-on-wheels (COWs) are being set up after arriving on Sunday.  

“We have begun to turn down portable sites that are no longer needed given the recovery of service, but we will have resources standing by in the region as needed,” AT&T said in an issued statement.

Dan Himes, Business Development Manager for QUBE-MRS LLC told Inside Towers he had three small cell utility poles installed near the blast site. Two survived and remained in operation.

“The blast was strong enough to take out a regional switch and data center so you can imagine how hardened the facility must have been,” Himes said, “I am not embarrassed that the explosion took out one of our sites too.” 


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