Nebraska Tower Collapses


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Yesterday, a Viaero Wireless tower collapsed in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, with two workers atop the structure. Thankfully, both men escaped with their lives after a wind gust caused a section of the tower to shift, contributing to the collapse. Scottsbluff Fire Chief Dana Miller said one of the men fell 10 feet and the other fell more than 20 feet when the tower collapsed. Viaero Executive Vice President Mike Felicissimo released a statement saying, “two Viaero workers were injured today in an accident that occurred in Scottsbluff. The men were working on an antenna array that was lying on the ground when a wind gust caused the section to move. The men were taken to Regional West Medical Center, one with a leg injury and the other with shoulder pain. They are currently receiving treatment. We have been in touch with them and are very pleased that they are both doing well and are in good spirits.” It was reported that multiple other crew members were on the scene but were not injured.

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