At this time, work at ANS Advanced Network Services continues as normal. As an essential workforce, ANS continues its commitment to keeping everyone connected and safe. The situation is changing daily but rest assured the ANS Team is working hard to make sure we can stay connected to continue to fight this battle, together. ANS is closely monitoring the situation with consideration to the health of our employees, customers, and company as a whole.  ANS has been working with major cellular carriers to maintain and upgrade cell towers across the country to ensure that everyone has equal access to a reliable connection, no matter where they are. First responders and healthcare workers are on the front lines of the crisis, and it is essential that their connectivity remain reliable and uninterrupted.  ANS’s primary responsibilities during this crisis revolves around maintaining the integrity of telecommunication structures to ensure that everyone from first responders to remote workers can communicate quickly and safely.  For complete details of our services and resources visit our website.

Datapath Tower is a full service telecom site developer supporting public safety, municipal and broadband communications systems. They remain fully operational and continue to spearhead major jobs to support our networks and connectivity. For more information, visit their website here.



Dielectric is preparing for temporary changes to business operations. This is a rapidly evolving situation that requires a unified focus on the short-term as we work to keep employees and customers safe. Broadcasting remains a 24/7 operation, and will be critical to providing news and information to the human population in the coming weeks. Therefore, Dielectric will remain in business, with a manufacturing staff onsite. General business operations will continue from our home offices. We will continue to communicate with you if things change.


Drake Lighting said it’s operating at full capacity. They expect no business interruption and are taking calls as normal.

EBI Consulting, a top nationwide provider of environmental due diligence, RF safety, architecture, and engineering services continues to operate business as usual for their valued telecom clients. For more information about the company’s operational status, read more here.

EML Calibration is open for business. While on-site calibration has been paused to protect employees and staff in adherence to COVID-19 regulations, customers continue to send in their critical equipment for calibration. This calibration ensures the networks we rely on stay up and running properly. EML is a Nashville-based calibration company providing NIST traceable calibration services, and is certified by the Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation. For more information, click here.


LBA Group, sent a notice yesterday to customers, vendors, and suppliers announcing “yes, we’re open.” The company release said it fits into the criteria written in the essential critical infrastructure workforce guideline, under several sectors including telecommunications, critical manufacturing, and defense infrastructure sectors. “We are strictly following all government guidelines and have accordingly adjusted aspects of how we conduct business. During this difficult time, please feel free to call on LBA for any assistance we can offer. Best wishes from all of us to all of you,” the announcement read.

“As PerfectVision is supporting the critical communications infrastructure, we are operating at full capacity.  It is an honor to be supporting the crews who are ensuring that Americans can communicate in times of need.”  Chris Pleibel – Vice President of Sales Infrastructure

A representative from United Tower Alliance informed us that they are still fully operational.



Vancomm is open for business and fully operational to support the wireless industry through these unique times. Vancomm is a leading supplier of communications site infrastructure materials, and one of the nation’s premier custom fabricators of antenna mounts, equipment frames and custom components to fit your site specific requirements. From coax support accessories to total site packages, Vancomm has anything you want – any way you want it. Email [email protected] or call 609.313.1353 for more information.

Wireless Supply stands ready to help, with over 1,200 products available to deploy at a moment’s notice. “During this critical time in our country, it is important that industry leaders work together to keep the telecommunications industry online and operating smoothly,” said Jeff Hall, General Manager of Wireless Supply. “As an essential company in this fight, we remain open for business and ready to supply and support the telecommunications market in any way we can.”

With more Americans working from home or telecommuting than ever before, and Emergency Medical Services call volumes rising daily, a fully operational communications infrastructure has never been more important. If your company needs a wireless solution of any kind, reach out to Wireless Supply today at 1.888.51.SUPPLY, or find them online at