Our Chat With NATE’s Todd Schlekeway on 5G Workforce, NATE UNITE 2020


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Inside Towers’ Washington Bureau Chief, Leslie Stimson spoke with NATE Executive Director Todd Schlekeway about the testimony presented by industry representatives on Capitol Hill last week and the upcoming NATE UNITE 2020 Conference in Raleigh, NC. NATE Chair Jimmy Miller, who’s also President and CEO of MillerCo., told the Senate Commerce Committee the 5G build is putting “pressure” on small companies like his. Attracting and retaining climbers is critical, he said.

Also, the upcoming NATE show is the association’s 25th convention and the first time the event is coming to North Carolina. NATE has special sessions on the evolving nature of the industry and surprise speakers in store for attendees. Listen to this lively chat by two industry insiders on our website, Spotify or iTunes.

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