PCIA President Urges Accelerated Deployment in New York State


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The New York State Wireless Association kicked off their annual conference on Tuesday, and PCIA-The Wireless Association President Jonathan Adelstein urged industry members to educate New York State policymakers and community leaders about the economic, societal, and cultural benefits that wireless broadband technologies offer to people and businesses throughout the state. “One of New York State’s – and America’s – biggest challenges is to meet the nearly insatiable and growing demand for wireless mobile data with our capacity to deliver it,” Adelstein explained. “From Buffalo to Brooklyn, the consumer demand for wireless mobile data is expected to grow something on the order of 700 percent over the next five years.  Wireless broadband has the potential to create jobs, revamp manufacturing, agriculture, and other industries, and transform lives – but only if wireless networks can deliver it.  If New York State want to realize wireless’s promise, public and private leaders must expedite the deployment of cutting-edge wireless facilities in rural and urban areas alike,” he said. NYWSA’s Regulatory Committee is issuing a revised model zoning ordinance to help municipalities implement new federal deployment rules.  “Under the leadership of President Christopher Fisher and its board, NYSWA has shown true dedication to educating New York State and municipal officials,” Adelstein said.  “It’s a model for PCIA’s State Wireless Association Program (SWAP) in advocating for wireless. PCIA members invest some $30 billion a year in wireless infrastructure,” Adelstein said.  “That figure can grow even larger if capital markets believe that the investment climate surrounding wireless infrastructure remains positive and conducive to growth, especially with 5G deployment on the horizon.”

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