Petzl Unveils Newly Re-Engineered Harnesses


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Since the 1970s, family-owned Petzl has been helping their customers access the inaccessible with a wide array of solutions. The company’s offerings allow men and women to protect themselves in various vertical environments – a natural fit for the telecommunications industry. Petzl focuses on all aspects of a climber’s safety including fall protection, rope access, lighting and rescue.

In spring 2020, Petzl proudly launched its new and improved VOLT® harness, ideal for at-height tower work, as well as the VOLT® WIND, designed for use in wind turbines. Both, of course, meet OSHA’s fall protection requirements for harnesses and are certified to ANSI and CSA fall protection standards.

But Petzl goes above and beyond basic requirements. Petzl took a great deal of industry research and customer feedback into consideration when re-designing and improving their product. According to the Professional Division’s National Sales Manager Michel Goulet, the harness has been anatomically improved. It provides more waistbelt tool storage and tethering options and is constructed with breathable materials for ultimate comfort. “We’re really proud of the fit in this new design, and, of course, it includes our proprietary Petzl buckles, too.”

The VOLT fall-arrest and work-positioning harness is very easy to wear, thanks to the FAST LT PLUS automatic buckles that allow the harness to be donned with feet on the ground. Wide, semi-rigid waist belt and leg loops provide excellent support. Its lightweight form maximizes air flow. “We wanted tower professionals to be very comfortable in the harness in terms of mobility, especially when leaning back. Everything is wider and semi-rigid to prevent that curling up effect of comfort elements while in use.”

Based on market demand, Petzl noticed the significance of incorporating two dorsal attachment points for connecting traditional Y-lanyards as well as self-retracting lanyards (SRL). “When used correctly, the goal with SRL’s is to help shorten free fall distances and avoid hitting obstructions like tower cross-members or foot pegs before being caught by the lanyard,” said Goulet.

The new VOLT harness is compatible with the VOLT seat ($200), which attaches to the designated slots on the harness. It provides increased comfort during prolonged suspension.

Petzl also offers VOLT WIND, the fall-arrest and work-positioning harness designed uniquely for technicians who work inside of wind turbines. The main difference is that the VOLT WIND includes wear protectors on the back of the harness. “Additional protective elements are added on the rear of the harness knowing that these areas are subject to high wear during wind turbine ladderway access and egress,” Goulet explained.

VOLT and VOLT WIND are available in three size options and priced at $300.

The new VOLT harness adds to the ever-evolving line of Petzl tower products and solutions ranging from helmets and headlamps, to lanyards and partner rescue kits. For more information on products and technical tips; click here.

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