Pointivo Lands Ninth Patent Increasing Coverage of the Drone Analytics Market


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Pointivo, a leading software platform provider for asset inspection using AI and computer vision, today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 11,106,911 titled “Image Acquisition Planning Systems and Methods Used to Generate Information for Structures of Interest.” With this patent, Pointivo owns nine U.S. patents, with several other U.S. and foreign patent applications pending. This patent covers conducting more intelligent drone flights around an asset using analytics obtained in an earlier flight. It also addresses the need for efficient and effective inspection over the lifespan of an asset.

Pointivo uses AI and computer vision to extract information from imagery derived from various capture methods. According to the company, this patent augments its broad IP portfolio covering its applications for customers in the telecom, solar, residential and commercial roofing, infrastructure, and energy markets. The subject matter of the company’s IP portfolio includes automatic identification, segmentation, labeling, and semantic characterization of 3D objects in a scene, automatic generation of inspection insights, and automatic generation of wireframes and CAD/BIM models, as well as innovative ways for users to interact with the information.

“This patent expands our IP stronghold in the 3D analytics space around asset inspection. We have delivered industry-leading solutions around all aspects of the asset inspection lifecycle including data capture, analytics, insight generation, and assessment over time,” said Dan Ciprari, CEO and Cofounder, Pointivo. “Our strong IP portfolio instills confidence in our enterprise customers that they are protected by working directly with the inventors of the core capabilities in this space.”

Pointivo’s proprietary technology is behind the offerings that provide inspection capabilities for residential and commercial building envelope, telecom infrastructure, and energy and utilities.

To learn more visit pointivo.com.

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