Licensed in all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, Vector Engineers designs telecom projects from the ground up and as projects change. Roger Alworth, principal and founder of Vector in 2002, said 40 percent of the engineering company is in telecom towers.

Many of Vector’s telecom projects are not your standard towers. The company specializes in designing new monopoles, lattice-type structures, palms, pine and other fake trees, fake windmills and water tanks and many other unique concealment structures. In addition to the new towers, Vector does analyses and retrofits when projects change. For instance, when new carriers or different types of equipment are added to a tower, Vector does structural analyses to make sure a specific project would work on that tower. “We are service driven, we answer our phones, we work with the client for a fast turn around,” Alworth said. “We solve problems before they get in the field.”

In 2013, Vector completed more than 2,135 telecom projects, Alworth said. The 42-person staff in four offices includes experts in the design of telecom structures in regions with high winds, high seismic loads, snow loads and extreme cold. All of the staff are well versed in code requirements for telecom towers and have a comprehensive security policy to ensure the client’s proprietary information is held in strict confidence.

Vector, which is headquartered in Sandy, Utah, has its eye on Canada for additional projects, and has an engineer on staff who is licensed in Mexico. “We’re definitely looking north,” Alworth said. “The telecom industry has a great future, and we feel strongly about staying with it.”