Post Merger Optimism Prevails Among Towercos


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Now that the federal appeals court has blocked the lawsuit filed by several states against the T-Mobile – Sprint merger, towerco executives in Raleigh, NC at NATE UNITE 2020 are optimistic dollars will flow to the companies.

CTI Towers CEO Tony Peduto said during a panel titled: “The View From the Top,” on Wednesday, a big question is when deployment would begin. Still, he noted: “The good thing is leasing should start.” He believes DISH will deploy but still unknown is “will they truly be a fourth carrier?” He predicts T-Mo-Sprint leasing will start late in the second or third quarter.

APC Towers President/CEO Danny Agresta believes it will take a couple of quarters to transition. He agrees with Peduto’s thinking about DISH, noting they have about 400 open positions listed on their website. “Charlie [Ergen] must have done a really good job in the court to convince them they’ll really deploy this spectrum.”

Carolina West Wireless CEO Slayton Stewart predicts DISH will “put up 50-60 thousand sites nationwide in the next five to seven years. That’s a pretty big task.” His company is ready to help deploy that infrastructure, he added.

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