By Ben Horvath, contributing reporter

Most wireless companies are specifically focused on just one area of the industry. To name a few, tower construction, Internet and telephone services, or site development. Then there’s Pinpoint Services, Inc. Based out of Papillion, Nebraska, the telecom engineering company began nearly a century ago, when its parent company, Cambridge Telephone Company, was founded. This company eventually gave birth to the Pinpoint brand. Rather than simply applying to one entity, however, this brand includes nine separate companies: Pinpoint Towers, Communications and Broadband, TMA Group, Digital Capital Partners, LLC, Viteum, Nevada Broadband Networks, Pinpoint Services, Inc. and Cambridge Telephone Company.

Ed Dennis, who works for the safety training division of Pinpoint Services, joined Pinpoint in 2012, after nearly two decades within the wireless industry. Although Dennis works directly for Pinpoint Services, Inc., his job requires him to assist with other companies underneath the Pinpoint umbrella. “Probably about 75% to 80% of what I do is within that department, but I do whatever’s needed,” Dennis said. Dennis got his start in the industry as a Safety Manager at Leary Construction in the early ‘90’s, then moved to Com-Tech Construction in the early 2000’s, eventually landing at Pinpoint in 2012. Dennis had very practical reasons for entering the tower construction industry.

“I looked around at job opportunities and said to myself, ‘I’m not afraid to travel, and I’m not afraid of heights, so I’ve been doing this ever since,” Dennis said.

Dennis focuses on safety training for tower construction and is an Authorized Outreach Trainer for OSHA. He said he has seen a number of changes within the wireless industry in his two decades of work, particularly as it relates to the technology used for worker safety.

“Safety is the thing that’s changed most since I’ve been in the industry,” Dennis said. “I remember the first time I saw a harness instead of a belt [for climbing], and I thought how am I going to do my job in this, but I learned and adapted.”

Despite these changes within the industry, Dennis, similar to Pinpoint, has continued to evolve and adapt in the ever-changing world of wireless.