Quit Controlling Chaos…Eliminate It


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If you need to control your chaotic information, you’re working more for your data than it’s working for you. OneVizion explains how to stop the struggle.

If you’ve ever pulled a report or looked at a spreadsheet and found a number that’s off by a little bit (or a lot), there’s not much you can do except track down the error. How can you act on information that’s not correct? Once you’ve found the error, odds are good you’ll look at the clock and realize a lot of time has passed.   

“Most companies already collect all the information a project or program team needs,” explains Gary Williamson, VP of Telecommunications Innovation at OneVizion. “The trouble is, people spend more time looking for the data they need than actually using it.”

Whatever niche your telecom business serves, you have a series of data collectors. Billing, taxes, project management, vendor management, construction, maintenance, leasing, compliance — they’re all cycles that collect and use data. And each cycle touches and overlaps other cycles, like a crazy Venn diagram.

But while the cycles touch, the data is usually in database silos or worse, sitting in a spreadsheet somewhere. Rather, each department collects information in its own system–whether that’s a specific software application, or a spreadsheet, or a whiteboard full of sticky notes. “The systems usually aren’t integrated in a useful way,” Williamson says. “So, there are these holes in each system where data is ‘missing.’ But it’s not missing. It’s just somewhere else.”

Williamson shares a few of the typical problems his clients with disconnected data deal with:

  •     Duplicate Data: Information is copied into different locations, but not always updated across all copies. Which one is right? How do you verify?
  •     Wasted Time: Pulling information from different systems to get a cohesive picture of a project or program is a time sponge. This time could be more profitably spent on clients or customers.
  •     Hard to Scale: Additional license fees are too high. Or staffing IT to manage the systems is too expensive.

 “The good news,” he shares, “is with a plan, all of these problems can be pretty easily addressed.”

Williamson says the key to killing information chaos is to consider your whole company. He offers a few questions every owner should ask about their current systems or any new systems they are looking to invest in.

  1. Is data transparent and accessible to all teams that need it?
  2. Is the solution easy to implement and use?
  3. Can the system scale (and at what cost)?

OneVizion offers a solution to eliminate data chaos. Its information management software was created to address these problems. 

“At OneVizion, we’ve all worked at places where we wasted time tracking down data. And we’ve all been through complete system overhauls that caused more disruption and disarray than they solved,” Williamson shared. “We wanted to create a better way.”

With the OneVizion platform, you can start from scratch if you’re upgrading from sticky notes. Or you can use it to link existing software applications that don’t currently communicate. The system is completely modular so you can add only what you need, where you need it. “We want to help you eliminate chaos, not cause more,” said Williamson. 

“And you don’t need a computer science degree or a whole IT team to use it,” he added. The OneVizion platform is designed to deliver information the way program and project managers demand it, in grid formats like MS Excel. You can use pre-configured modules or modify and customize to suit your needs.

“We know there are other options out there,” Williamson acknowledges. “But OneVizion is the only self-service SaaS platform to allow YOU to build solutions starting with your most difficult problem area. From there, you can gradually build other, integrated applications to solve the rest of your business problems, all on the same platform!  OneVizion gives you clarity.”

If you’re ready to eliminate chaos rather than control it, OneVizion is here to help. Discover how at www.OneVizion.com.


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