Report Outlines Infrastructure Build Outs Needed in 2019


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This past year saw new advances in technology, new mergers & acquisitions activity, and new pilots in 5G deployment. A new report from Sitetracker outlines what infrastructure is necessary, how to build it efficiently, and what tools are needed.

“2018 was really a year of laying the foundation for 5G,” said Sitetracker CEO Giuseppe Incitti. 

“There’s so much work to be done and there’s definitely more groundwork ahead of us in 2019. I think, though, that we will see a more intense focus on efficient deployment — particularly around operational infrastructure — that will pave the way for 5G.”

“Network densification is only accelerating. Soon we will have 500 cells per square mile in densified areas, so the demand is only going up. With this demand, the carriers and their service providers need to address the significant operational needs created by this increasing project volume,” Incitti said.  

“This year alone, the Sitetracker Platform saw 192.4 million project updates. That’s 192.4 million moving pieces. If we, as an industry, don’t address the need for optimizing our project processes, we have a difficult path ahead of us. It’s time to start evaluating technology solutions to address the growing volume, velocity, and variety of projects. It comes down to this: innovate or be left behind,”  Incitti said.

December 20, 2018

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