SAC Wireless: Smart Cities and IoT In the Post Pandemic World


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SAC Wireless, a turnkey network infrastructure services company is also a key player in the expansion of smart city technology that will realize the full potential of Internet of Things (IoT). By pioneering solutions and providing customers with the services and products they need, SAC strives to be a one-stop shop for carriers, towercos and new enterprise verticals as they build small cell 5G networks and expand the capabilities and reach of existing LTE technology.

Inside Towers connected with Joseph Sanzo, Chief Strategy Officer at SAC Wireless, to discuss smart cities and IoT in depth. How close are we to true interconnectivity and how is SAC helping people stay informed, entertained, productive and connected? Not only during pandemic-related lockdowns but long into a future nobody would have imagined a few years ago.

Smart cities bring people together, whether in densely populated urban areas or in small towns, remote villages, farm country and Native Lands. All areas deserve to remain connected with the best possible technologies. “At SAC Wireless, we’ve been at the forefront of the industrial evolution; we’re adapting and innovating the deployment of technology from coast to coast,” said Sanzo.

SAC is committed to helping customers build networks quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately from the start. The SAC Transformation Team, led by Sanzo, aims to have knowledge, resources and service offerings where customers want to be, even before they realize it.

“We listen to customer needs and provide them with custom, innovative solutions that address their unique challenges. This is best done when we are brought in from the very beginning to help determine an infrastructure strategy that best meets their needs,” Sanzo noted. “Our focus is on safety, quality, and innovation as we create solutions to best serve our customers.”

To further support customers, SAC identified a gap in the marketplace and developed a full solution center — the SAC Engine Room™ — a turnkey deployment service from start to finish. “One of the big barriers to expanding service is having to reinvent the wheel by learning local laws and new zoning and permitting codes in every jurisdiction, plus getting to know the gatekeepers on the ground who can be allies once you build a solid relationship.”

“The Engine Room, built upon the largest nationwide telecommunication jurisdictional requirements database, covers all aspects of site scouting, leasing, building, designing and maintenance. The program is staffed with engineers, architects, real estate agents and lawyers to create a full-service, one-stop solution to help customers further create and expand smart cities,” said Sanzo. “The centralization of the Engine Room also provides quality assurance. When all operations are unified, there is little room for error, miscommunication, or waste.”

Although smart cities and IoT are still in their infancy stages, SAC is already thinking ahead. According to Sanzo, “The next decade will see people continue to create the building blocks for smart cities. Interconnectedness will prove to be an ‘out-of-the-box’ experience, instead of something we piecemeal together with novelty electronics.”

Device interconnectivity will change how we interact with televisions, coffee makers, washing machines, and more. Beyond our front doors, we’ll further see this connectivity come to life with more ease and efficiency of daily living, especially as municipalities continue to regulate and modernize infrastructure and data. “We have smartphones; we speak directly to our cars and to our homes via Alexa and Siri,” said Sanzo. “These experiences are rapidly merging to create a seamless experience. There’s a perpetual flow of data that influences our decision making, from the routes we take, to when and how we shop, to who we do business with, and how we troubleshoot problems around the house and throughout our lives.”

Sanzo cautions, the infrastructure needs to be developed correctly from the beginning and not be left as an afterthought. SAC maintains project efficiency through SAC CIP, a cost improvement program that ensures this type of infrastructure is built out within the budget parameters and finished before deadlines.

While business and consumer use is most often in the spotlight, governmental and public utility operations also benefit. Typically, some municipal departments keep their data in silos; either for security or because they are operating on different systems. In the new model, a city’s Department of Streets and Sanitation can securely exchange usage data with the Water District to keep public services in harmony.

Smart city build-outs are already well underway, with small cell deployment proving to be critical for mitigating density issues within urban environments. “As 5G continues to develop, we will balance tower work with small cell deployment on buildings and existing urban infrastructure like light poles or water towers,” added Sanzo.

Smart cities will have a significant impact on our planet, not only in urban areas but in rural ones as well. More than 80 percent of the developed world’s population is predicted to be living in metropolitan areas by 2050. Rural communities remain a critical component of modern society; they need service just as much as major markets. Smart city approaches can create connectivity hubs for these regions; the impact is far-reaching, as network support continues to stretch to agricultural regions, Native Lands, remote Alaskan villages and other underserved areas.

With 25 offices throughout the United States, SAC Wireless is ready to help clients like telecom carriers and major tower owners grow and expand 5G connectivity nationwide. SAC’s innovative, turnkey solutions include the design, build and upgrade of cellular networks. For more information, or to contact a representative, visit

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