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The industry has implemented safety climbs to keep workers safe and maintain 100% tie off.  It should go without saying, when a tower technician climbs a structure, it is critical that they are secure at all times. For that reason, OSHA requires a fall arrest system on fixed ladders for heights over 24 feet. A safety climb system must run the length of the ladder, providing continuous protection as climbers use the ladder.  Allfasteners Safety Climb Systems allow tower owners and tower services contractors to fulfill this regulation for ladders up to 500 feet, keeping climbers secured to the tower, every rung along the way.

“Our Safety Climb Systems offer the premier vertical lifeline system for towers, poles and other permanent structures to maximize safety, climbing mobility and productivity, all with a focus on longevity and minimizing field maintenance requirements,” said Calvin Carmichael, Sales Representative at Allfasteners.

There are quite a few manufacturers of cable systems in the field and a variety of cable sleeves that climbers use. This can present a challenge, according to Allfasteners. The fixed system is provided by the tower owner, and the contractors or climbers provide the cable sleeve. “Allfasteners is a part of the SEMC testing that reached a consensus on ⅜ in. 7×19 aircraft cable as the industry standard, which helps owners and crews ensure compatibility,” Carmichael explained.

Allfasteners’ proprietary Travel8 shock absorber and attenuator are key product features. “The integrated Travel8 is a great safeguard to keep climbers safe even if their grab does not have a built-in shock absorber,” Carmichael said. “It is the safest fixed vertical safety system for towers.”

Carmichael added, “Travel8 turns red when it is deployed. The climber is able to see that prior to ascending, rather than scaling to the top to see if it is working.”

Other options in the field use a plastic or rubber attenuator and rely strictly on the cable grab having some type of shock absorber. However, the Travel8 is made of grade 316 stainless steel. “It won’t rust, isn’t affected by UV exposure, and it also is not affected by changes in temperature, unlike rubber or plastic,” Carmichael said.

Made in Medina, Ohio, the hardware for the brackets comes pre-assembled, it’s not sent in bulk bags of hardware. Additionally, Allfasteners will kit and label per site and include brackets for almost any tower type.

“Our Safety Climb System features adaptability,” Carmichael said. “They accommodate a wide range of tower types, tower heights, and existing hardware, mounts, or obstructions on the tower.”

Allfasteners stocks all the components and assembles per order. Most standard size orders ship within a few days. It sells directly to contractors, which allows for responsive customer service. Standard lead times for Allfasteners’ Safety Climb Systems range from 2-3 days for up to 3 kits, to up to 15 days for 30+ kits. “In order to help with lead time expectations, we have created a standard schedule based on the quantity that is being produced,” Cody Kent, Marketing Manager at Allfasteners, explained. “These timeframes have helped our customers, both by reducing the time it takes to receive their orders and also by setting upfront expectations.”

If someone needs a custom kit assembled, or something delivered on a very short timeline, “we are able to accommodate this,” said Kent. “In some extreme instances, even these quick lead times are not sufficient. Our team is aware of that and we are ready in the case of an emergency.”

Take, for instance, a real-life scenario. One Friday, late afternoon, Allfasteners received an expedited order for nine kits from a company in Florida. The next morning, the production team was back in the shop to work an emergency shift. By 2:30 pm, it had loaded the finished kits on an expedited courier truck, which delivered the shipment directly to the customer’s warehouse. By 6 p.m. Sunday evening, the climbs were delivered and ready for the crews to install on Monday morning. What normally would have required a week and a half lead time, was delivered from Ohio to Florida before the next business day.

“This was a great success for both Allfasteners and the contractor. It helped them out of a difficult situation. We received thank you emails not only from our customer, but also from their customer,” Kent explained.

For more information, contact Calvin Carmichael at or 216-789-2736.

By J. Sharpe Smith, Inside Towers Technology Editor

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