By Eleanor Snite

Safety One Training International Inc. specializes in training programs for employees whose work involves special hazards in areas beyond easy access. The company trains employees for utilities, government, and corporations worldwide and specializes in safety at heights for the telecommunications industry. Kevin Carter, Director of Business Development for the Littleton, Colorado, company said the training includes everything from how to recognize hypothermia and frost bite to how to use ropes while working on towers. Classes include standard, advance, and Train-the-Trainer certification options with outside and indoor segments of training. The winter survival classes apply to tower operations all over the country. Carter said hypothermia and frost bite can happen at what many would consider high temperatures. And for some areas, snowcats are a must for maintaining service during the winter months. Art Seely, CEO, president and founder of Safety One, likes to use the old saying “if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse,” as the company’s motto and is always looking for better ways to improve the company.

Seely’s hobby of working with drones has led to programs for using drones to inspect towers instead of having an employee climb the tower. Clients are taught to fly the drones and can order drones customized to their needs from Safety One. “Obviously, it’s safer if an employee doesn’t have to climb the tower,” Carter said. “It’s a good risk management tool.” Training in using ropes allows workers to have more flexibility when working on a tower while still being attached to the tower at all times. Drones can also be used to attach the first rope to a tower, again without having a worker on the tower. Carter said that as of April 1, 2015, OSHA will require all tower workers in the utility industry to be 100 percent attached to the tower – there will be no more free climbing. Working with drones and ropes will be even more useful, and safer than ever. The drone training is relatively new, and Safety One is also focusing on making more federal and government products, such as drones, with General Services Administration (GSA) approval. The company is also in the process of completing ISO 17025 accreditation to reinforce consistency in their testing program.