Satellite Companies Form C-Band Alliance


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Four satellite operators – Intelsat, SES, Eutelsat and Telesat created a consortium called the C-Band Alliance, or CBA, in a move they believe could speed making mid‐band spectrum available for 5G services. The companies say they can implement a market-based proposal to clear spectrum, while protecting the quality and reliability of existing C-band services in the 3,700 to 4,200 MHz frequency band.

The CBA will be led, effective immediately, by Bill Tolpegin, currently CEO of OTA Broadcasting, who will serve as Chief Executive Officer of CBA. Media sector veteran Preston Padden is the Head of Advocacy and Government Relations for the new group.

The notion of carving out a portion of the C-band for wireless use has been fraught with contention. Broadcasters say sharing the spectrum won’t work and will cause interference with their satellite-delivered program distribution systems. The FCC encouraged broadcasters to register their satellite downlink earth stations to get an accurate picture of who is using the band. The registration deadline was extended to October 17.

NAB declined to comment on the formation of the new group yesterday.

October 2, 2018