Schlekeway and Nurnberg Sign Long Term Extensions With NATE


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Todd Schlekeway, Executive Director and Paula Nurnberg, Chief Operating Officer of NATE, have agreed to multi-year contract extensions that will keep them directing the National Association of Tower Erectors.

“They have remained true to the core mission of Safety First, Safety Always; honoring our history with a clear vision for our industry’s future,” said Jim Tracy, NATE Chairman. “NATE has become an influential powerhouse in the wireless industry under their leadership and we are grateful that they have agreed to extend their obligations.”

Schlekeway joined NATE in 2012, and oversees the association’s political advocacy efforts, key industry initiatives and coalition outreach. Tracy said Schlekeway has been the catalyst for the movement of NATE into arenas affecting its membership, ranging from Unmanned Aerial Systems, emerging technologies and small cells to enhanced collaboration with the FCC. Prior to NATE, Schlekeway served for two terms in South Dakota’s state legislature where he represented his district in both the State House and the State Senate. 

“As 5G deployment begins to scale in 2019, continuity among our executive team will enable NATE to continue playing a leading role positively impacting the wireless ecosystem through the Association’s policy advocacy, resources development and grassroots outreach,” Schlekeway said.

Paula Nurnberg joined NATE as a staff member in 1995, the startup era of the association, and has been its Chief Operating Officer since 2011.

“Under Paula’s direction, this group has weathered many storms and come out stronger as an association. Her perseverance is a testament to her character and determination. Paula has been the glue of NATE for over two decades,” said NATE Board Member Jimmy Miller.  Comments? Email Us.

January 4, 2019

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