“Seeing No Public Opposition to the Tower, Permit Denied!”

Earlier this week, Springfield, Massachusetts’ City Council rejected a special permit requested by T-Mobile Northeast LLC for a proposed cell phone tower despite no opposition to the project, reported Mass Live.

T-Mobile proposed the 150-foot tower to fill gaps in service for residents and to ensure better connectivity for emergency calls. However, the city’s deputy planning director, Philip Dromey, raised concerns about the visual impact of the pole on nearby residents, suggesting a camouflaged design instead.

City Councilor Timothy Rooke took the opposite stance, stating that towers are in every neighborhood of the city and people want strong cell service, plus pointed out that no residents were speaking in opposition to the plans.
When it came to a vote, Dromey swayed enough counselors to oppose the special permit request. “Once you put up a tower, it’s tough to take it down,” Councilor Timothy Allen said. “I’m concerned about visibility and real estate values.”

According to City Clerk Anthony Wilson, a council decision can be appealed by court action.

November 30, 2017


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