Segra Completes Initial Broadband Build for DISH 5G Network


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Segra announced yesterday it has completed the first phase of its broadband build for DISH, launching service across more than 500 towers located in what it calls “critical sites” in less than one year. With the help of Segra, DISH reported it has met its 20 percent of U.S. population coverage deadline established by the FCC. 

“Thanks to Segra and our other fiber providers, DISH’s Smart 5G™ wireless network is available to over 20 percent of the U.S. population in more than 120 cities across the country,” said Dave Mayo, executive vice president of network development, DISH Wireless. “Segra has helped us connect consumers throughout Virginia and the Carolinas, while meeting an extremely aggressive timeline.” 

Segra is one of several partners providing DISH with fiber access coast-to-coast as well as fronthaul and backhaul support to connect its 5G network. Segra bills itself as one of the largest independent fiber infrastructure bandwidth companies in the Eastern U.S. It owns and operates an advanced fiber infrastructure network throughout nine Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states. 

“We are pleased to execute on the first major milestone of our contracted broadband build for DISH and successfully turnover more than 500 site installations by the FCC’s deadline,” stated Segra CEO Kevin Hart. “As a valued network infrastructure partner, Segra’s extensive fiber network provides the capacity, scalability and reliability to power DISH’s growing 5G network.”

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