Seven Years Old!


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Happy Birthday to us!

We made it through the Terrible Twos, the Fantastic Fives and the Sassy Sixes. At seven, at Inside Towers, we are fully alert, aware of our surroundings, mobile, savvy, talkative, opinionated and active. We can only hope we have the energy of a seven-year old because it will take every bit of that to keep up with this market. Through pandemics, elections, natural disasters, 5G fever and this industry taking its rightful place as a provider of critical services, we are fueled up to chronicle events at the hectic pace you’re setting.

This past year has seen some great additions such as Business Editor John Celentano coming on board as a full-time contributor giving up deep dives and insights. The Wireless Water Cooler podcast, produced in conjunction with WIA and co-host Jonathan Adelstein, was created to keep us all in touch even though we no longer go to the office. Our Tower Talks franchise has expanded to include a wider coverage of topics (such as our own Mr. Celentano taking on the moniker of “Johnny Broadband” in talks with key industry players). Once again, our Washington Bureau Chief, Leslie Stimson, has “ridden the tiger” all year long on the sturm und drang of news from inside the Beltway and beyond. Along with the terrific efforts from our Marketing Department, led by Megan Reed, and including Phil Cook and Cara Aston, plus our production staff, this year has been…an adventure. (And I have a feeling you know just what I’m talking about.)

Call it a sugar rush from too much birthday cake, but we are ready to blow out these candles and see what the next year has in store!

Jim Fryer
Managing Editor

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