Singapore Putting 5G to Work


Singapore will put the technology to work this year in electric vehicle manufacturing and river cleaning through partnerships between private industry and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Janil Puthucheary told Parliament. According to Channel News Asia, IMDA launched the 5G Innovation Programme in 2021 to accelerate enterprise 5G solutions. Several 5G projects have received grants.

The country, which boasts two 5G standalone networks that have reached 95 percent nationwide outdoor coverage, is now focusing on tapping 5G’s capabilities, according to Puthucheary. In one project, more than 100 5G-enabled robots will be deployed on the factory floor of the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre. The Ministry of Communications and Information said the Hyundai factory will be “the world’s first 5G-enabled built-to-order electric vehicle factory.”

5G-powered sentry robots and patrolling vehicles will be developed to provide surveillance through a combination of IMDA and Mind PointEye. The robots will use artificial intelligence and video analytics to provide real-time threat notifications.

In another 5G-enabled project, electric unmanned surface vessels will provide river cleaning and inspection in a partnership between IMDA and Weston Robot. The electric vessels can run autonomously and use video analytics to detect and clear trash. A single operator can pilot multiple electric vessels.

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