Sioux Falls Tower & Communications Changes Name to VIKOR Teleconstruction


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As Sioux Falls Tower & Communications celebrates its 30th anniversary, the company has announced it will officially change its name to VIKOR Teleconstruction with their legal name, Sioux Falls Tower Specialists, Inc. and DBA as VIKOR.

The company said the name VIKOR was inspired by the Vikor method, a compromise-ranking algorithm developed to reach a solution that is closest to ideal in highly complex situations. They also said they were harkening to their midwestern Scandanavian roots and identifying with the Vikings as being rugged individuals, travelers, explorers, and even conquerors.

“It has been exciting to watch our growth and expansion over the past 30 years,” said Craig Snyder, founder, and CEO of VIKOR. “With that expansion, Sioux Falls Tower has felt the need to change our name to something that better reflects our growing organization. With the progressive growth of the telecommunications industry we feel now is the right time.”

“We will continue to honor our company’s roots and not change the foundation we were built on,” stated Mike Young, President, and COO of VIKOR. “VIKOR will continue to uphold the same standards and values it has for the past three decades. If anything, it is our goal to raise those standards higher.”

April 2, 2019

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