screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-10-13-18-pmB+T Group announced the addition of SiteView to its Site360 SaaS at CCA, Competitive Carriers Association’s annual convention in Seattle on September 20.  SiteView provides a visual-based deliverable for tower audits, mappings and RF planning. B+T Group developed SiteView to enhance the Site360 process. SiteView securely displays all Site360 customers’ data in real time, any time.

“All customer assets can be accessed through SiteView,”said Chad Tuttle, founder and CEO of B+T Group. “Drawings, high-resolution photos, technical drawings, rear antenna view, and more; our clients create base scans that can be updated—in real time— from the field, making sure their SiteView stays current.”

Site360 allows tower owners and operators to keep an “eye in the sky” through photogrammetry, delivering detailed, centimeter-accurate, comprehensive tower and compound audit information quickly, directly, and securely to owners. Learn more and climb towers with Site360 here.