Small Cell Shuffle in Tulsa


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Residents in the Walnut Creek section of Tulsa, OK say they were surprised by the sudden appearance of small cell poles in their community earlier this year. The four 5G poles that occupied the neighborhood in February were just as suddenly removed in June. As resident Dr. Shelli Landon told KRMG-FM, “The morning after the elections [June 28], we woke up, and the poles were gone. It was done before most people were going to work.”

Landon credits the efforts of concerned neighbors who flooded city hall with signatures complaining about the 5G cell poles. The city of Tulsa issued a written notice reversing the placement decision as being out of step with the plan for 5G development in the city. Landon and others told the source that they quickly learned that the disappearance of the initial poles did not actually indicate that residents were free from cell towers in their community. 

Rather than eliminating the 5G poles, the city announced that all four would be relocated to alternate locations. The new small cell units will replace existing street lights with small cell poles that can provide both illumination and connectivity. A completion date for implementation was not provided. However, Landon declared that she was preparing to campaign against the revised plan just as she fought against the original plan. 

“We were devastated. We were humiliated. We felt like someone had done a bait and switch,” she told KRMG-FM, adding, “We have also filed a temporary injunction and relief petition with the Tulsa District Court to stop the implementation of this technology in our neighborhood.” 

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