RLS-CMC: Increase Capacity and Coverage While Saving Time and Money


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RLS-CMC, Inc. is a well-known and trusted Chicago-based organization that specializes in the delivery of large-scale indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell networks. Their services are essential in keeping users connected in every environment imaginable. With decades of experience as an electrical engineer and construction consultant, Roger Sanchez founded the company in 2002, with an anticipation that the communications industry was in for a change.

RLS-CMC has unparalleled experience in the DAS industry, which allows them to coordinate multiple trades at a high level and complete numerous activities concurrently. “We know how to make everything fit. We can accomplish something in four to five days that typically takes up to two weeks and we can deliver a turnkey solution,” said Sanchez.

With a staff of experts in telecommunications and construction, RLS-CMC understands the requirements of installing a DAS and how this will impact the infrastructure of a building. RLS-CMC uses a variety of unique strategies that allow it to complete projects that are more time efficient and cost-effective than their competitors. “We’re proud of the fact that we’ve never missed a budget or deadline and have deployed at least 16,000 broadband equivalents to date,” said Sanchez.

The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving and is notorious for changes during project installations. RLS-CMC utilizes a distinct change management process that allows deviations to be efficiently evaluated with no impact to the project deliverables. “If you’re looking for speed to market, we’re the go-to company. We help customers install small cell networks at street level, plus in building infrastructure. We’ve worked with Las Vegas hotels and casinos, nationally recognized hotel chains, and even managed coverage expansion for the 48th Super Bowl, all requiring condensed turn times,” added Sanchez.

Additionally, RLS-CMC has deployed outdoor DAS for neutral host providers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. With the demand for 5G growing, the outdoor DAS industry has continued to be active in all markets with RLS-CMC being responsible for a majority of the high-quality systems.

How do they do it? The company’s design time is condensed because of their proprietary scheduling of tradesmen plus their employees are experts in their fields. That’s why RLS-CMC is dedicated to training and certifying employees to provide clients the best service. “It’s the only way to grow rapidly and handle such large-scale projects,” said Sanchez. RLS-CMC understands which activities are a critical path in a DAS project and what it takes to complete these activities within a compressed timeline.

RLS-CMC accomplishes its turnkey projects by offering several services, allowing their clients to focus on the big picture, while they take care of project-level responsibilities. RLS-CMC saves clients’ time and money, connects clients with the right partners, and delivers superior quality standards.

RLS-CMC partners with venues, wireless service providers, neutral hosts, carriers, municipalities, and utilities across the United States. For more information or to contact a representative, visit www.rls-cmc.com.

Published May 17, 2018

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