Vertical Bridge: Making “5G Connections” a Reality


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Vertical Bridge was founded in 2014, by industry leaders with a combined 100 years of experience in telecommunications. It’s the largest private owner and manager of communication infrastructure in the U.S. The company owns 4,000 towers, manages 5,000 rooftops and 41,000 billboards, plus utility attachments and other site location assets, leasing them to telecom carriers nationwide. Now, Vertical Bridge is preparing to help customers tackle 5G.

“We’re looking at the activities in the smart cities as they’re deploying security, traffic, efficiencies, vehicles, and more,” said Bernard Borghei, Executive Vice President of Operations and Co-Founder of Vertical Bridge. “We’re strategizing how our expertise in the industry can be utilized for current clients in metro areas that are migrating towards the smart city platform but don’t quite know how to work within the telecom arena.”

As major carriers focus on 4G LTE densification activities and prepare for 5G, Vertical Bridge is seeing requests for more new build programs and an increase in leasing activities. “It’s an exciting time for us,” said Borghei. “We’re beginning to see that carriers are paying more attention to in-building coverage. This means more opportunities for building deployment and building solutions, which is one of our focus areas.”

Another focus for Vertical Bridge is the onset of Edge Computing, used to address the ultra-low latency requirements and lower backhaul expenses for carrying traffic on the wireless networks. “Finding the right technology solution with respect to Edge Computing and deploying micro-data centers is definitely an ongoing and developing focus,” said Borghei. “We have towers and buildings where there’s space available to host micro data centers and C-RAN installations, and we want to provide seamless partnerships as we’ve been doing with other wireless services for years.”

“A difficult aspect of this business is matching the interests of carriers with private property owners. It’s a challenge, but we have developed a process that’s proven effective to meet the evolving needs of the industry including IoT, Edge Computing and whatever comes next will be no exception,” added Borghei.

At their core, Vertical Bridge has deep industry experience and a track record of closing deals on time, on budget and with minimal hassle for sellers. They subscribe to the motto of being friendly, fast, and flexible, especially as the world prepares for 5G.

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Published May 18, 2018

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