Sprint Gets Approval to Move Forward with Network Densification


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SoftBank has approved Sprint’s plan to go ahead with its massive network densification program. “Sprint has developed an approved network plan in partnership with SoftBank that will allow for a cost-effective network build on an accelerated timeline,” Sprint spokeswoman Adrienne Norton told FierceWireless. Since the beginning of the year, CEO Marcelo Claure hinted at network expansion and touted how the company has grown. “We have seen immediate improvements in the consistency and reliability of royalty performance as we turned up 800 megahertz LTE in several markets already. In addition, we’re seeing the ramp up in average download speeds as we expanded coverage of the 2.5 gigahertz LTE deployment. And we’re in the process of enabling 2×20 TDD carrier aggregation within the 2.5 gigahertz plan which will further improve the speed and capacity of the network,” Claure said on the May 5 conference call. However, the company has needed to work on their network and this is a big step for Sprint.

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