Stealth Towers Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing and Environmentally Friendly


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One of the major complaints about cell towers is their appearance and one of the minor complaints of cell towers is the effect they have on the environment. However, towers that are disguised as other structures can eliminate both of these problems. According to STEALTH, a tower concealment company, “Recently, STEALTH completed two projects on Kiawah Island with Osprey nests, or birds of prey, platforms. The monopole concealments were designed to match the wooden appearance of the original poles. When designing the concealments, Kiawah, being a naturalistic island located on the coast of South Carolina, wanted to provide endangered birds, especially Osprey, a place to build a safe nest. STEALTH then developed a platform to allow these birds to nest. The platform sits atop the monopole and blends in with the pole.” Ospreys tend to nest on cell towers, which can interfere with the cell service people receive in the area. A lot of times, these nests can be moved once the birds have migrated to a different location abandoning their nest. 

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