Supreme Court Case Could Impact County Lawsuit


A lawsuit in Oconee County, Georgia, could be affected the outcome of the Supreme Court case between the city of Roswell, Georgia, and T-Mobile. Long story short, the Supreme Court is deciding what documentation is needed when a city denies a tower proposal. If you need to catch up on the court case, click here. While the court decides how much explanation the local governments must give when denying a proposal, there’s a lawsuit moving forward between the Oconee County and Athens Cellular. Athens Cellular maintains that the county did not provide substantial justification for its denial, according to the Oconee Enterprise. The county alleges that Athens Cellular missed their deadline to challenge the zoning denial. After the Board of Commissioners voted at its Aug. 5 meeting to deny Verizon’s request to build a cell tower on McRees Mill Road, commissioners signed a resolution that was filed the next day with the Clerk of Court, where it was publicly accessible. However, plaintiff attorney Charles Palmer of Troutman Sanders explained that the clock shouldn’t have begun until the minutes from the meeting on August 5 were approved at the September 2 meeting. Even though this lawsuit will continue, the outcome may be overturned depending on the ruling by the Supreme Court.

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