T-Mobile’s Legere Pulls Down $66.5M


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T-Mobile granted Legere a compensation package worth $66.5 million last year, most of which came from a stock award that was given to him the day that T-Mo’s proposed merger with Sprint was announced. That payout is tied to Legere sticking around to see the merger through completion and to T-Mobile’s stock return. But he can also receive his award if the deal fails, by remaining as T-Mo CEO for another year.

T-Mo’s CEO will get around 600,000 shares of T-Mobile if its stock return over the coming years falls in the 50th percentile of a group of other carriers and tech companies. That payout is worth around $44 million. If T-Mobile outperforms more than half of its competition during that time, though, he’ll get up to twice as many shares. Other T-Mo execs are getting similar, but smaller, payouts.

In addition to those shares, Legere pulled in $8 million in salary and bonuses and around $14.4 million worth of equity awards.

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