Tarpon Towers LLC offers a variety of services to companies involved in wireless communications, including site and tower acquisitions, providing capital and co-location. Headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, the team has a total of over 100 years of experience in the industry. They come to the table with experts in management, finance and all phases of operations in the tower business. “We love the business,” said CEO and co-founder Ronald G. Bizick II. “We like the long-term growth aspects. There isn’t a better business out there to be in.” Tarpon Towers buys towers, builds their own and also likes to jointly partner with developers who have local opportunities but require financial and back office assistance. Local developers have the grass-roots knowledge about where assets need to be in their market, which results in great towers, Bizick said.

The company recently closed on a $50 million equity investment with Redwood Capital of Baltimore. “With debt and management’s equity investment, our current capitalization is $100 million, and we will invest that capital wisely buying and building towers,” said Bill Freeman, Tarpon’s co-founder and president. “It’s a very competitive industry,” Bizick said. “Experience and relationships aside, cost of capital is critical to long-term success.”