Texas Town Reaches Pragmatic Cell Tower Resolution


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When Hemphill, a company that builds cell towers, proposed building one of their towers near Furr Elementary School in McKinney, TX, the town pushed back. With a 4-3 vote last July, the McKinney City Council voted to deny the request. Hemphill responded with a lawsuit. As the McKinney Courier Gazette reports, the two parties are now in agreement on how to address the cell tower issue.

A revised proposal to erect an 85-foot tower in an alternate location on the north side of Hidden Haven Drive west of Independence Parkway, was approved with a 6-0 vote. The new location will place the structure on city-owned land that will eventually host a park.

“I know that if I sit here and vote against this that I’ve just spent a lot of your tax dollars fighting a lawsuit that I’m not going to win,” said Councilman Charlie Philips. “And am I being a good steward of your tax dollars by doing that? No, I’m not. I’m throwing money away, because I know the ultimate call on this is going to be that they get to build their tower.” He noted that the Council successfully kept the cell tower out of neighborhood yards, though it would still be visible in the distance. 

The approval of the new means that Hemphill will drop the lawsuit against the town. Once approved by the City Council, a special use permit will be granted and the lawsuit settlement will be complete, states the source.

Setting a positive tone, Councilman Patrick Cloutier said, “What I would humbly request is that it be looked at as an opportunity to improve bandwidth, which goes into home security, it goes into our daily lives and it goes into kids’ education.”

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