The Crew at Kilowatt Keeps it High and Tight


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Miles Mellor, Kilowatt, Inc.’s President, says his tower crew has a great perspective on the wireless infrastructure industry considering they are working at four digit heights most of the time. Having been busy with repack work, replacing the top antennas on broadcast towers, his techs don’t have to do much else for excitement.

“Over the past year we have had the opportunity to do seven repack jobs via helicopter which is a crazy rush and have our eighth scheduled for next week with Erickson’s air crane coming in, so a heavy hitter!”

Mellor who works side by side with his crew, said they have been with him for 4-to-10 years. “So we are incredibly close,” he said. “We work well together and believe we’re pretty good at what we do.” He admits the new COVID-colored landscape has “definitely changed the game.”

In the month of April, Kilowatt has seen three repack jobs canceled because the helicopter flight crew was not approved to fly due to the pandemic. “Our guys were paid to sit home until we recently mobilized. We are also housing and supporting the crew on site with supplies so we can remain isolated and keep healthy,” Mellor said. “Probably the biggest effect,” he said, “is mentally on us and our families, as it is a weird feeling leaving your home and loved ones to travel across the country in this environment, not knowing when you’ll see each other again.”

“But the work we do still needs to be done,” Mellor said.

Kilowatt, Inc. was established in 1991 near Humboldt, SD under the corporate name ‘Cooper’s Welding and Manufacturing, Inc. with a service territory encompassing the great plains region. In 2016, they rebranded under the current name.


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